A Sensory Fall -embrace the crisp air and the seasonal goo

Pumpkin Carving

It may be one of the oldest traditions on the books, but it’s also sensory-filled. Grab yourself a pumpkin or two and let the kids go to town on the seeds.

Scoop out the seeds

Separate the seeds from the “guts.”

Also try cutting and painting your pumpkin for some fun family crafts. Dry the seeds and sort by size for a complete sensory day!

Gourd Noise Makers

  1. Grow or buy some gourds

  2. Cut a hole in the bottom

  3. Fill with hot water and soak

  4. Clean the inside

  5. Coat the inside with varnish

  6. Insert noisemakers such as beans or pebbles or rice

  7. Plug the hole

  8. Paint the outside


Go on a Leaf Hunt

Leaves are a wonderful piece of fall, drifting from trees and coloring our world. Reading the book about a leaf hunt and going out on our own leaf-finding adventure is a wonderful fall sensory task.

Hunt for leaves, sort by leaf type, sort by leaf colors, sort by leaf shape. Press leaves into wax paper and iron, make a leaf journal.

Fall Sensory Bucket

Build yourself a bucket of fall fun. Between the amazing colors and amazing textures of this incredible season, you have a myriad of options for a sensory bucket of fun.

  • Plastic acorns

  • Fake leaves

  • Cinnamon Sticks