Always look for the gleam in the child’s eye. Look for the affect. The biggest mistake to make is not looking for the light in the eye.
— Dr. Stanley Greenspan

Visual Schedule

Here’s one example of a visual schedule created for a school day. Compartmentalized into morning and afternoon and personalized with the exact parts of the day, all while having a column for what’s been complete, allows the child/student to know exactly what to expect AND what’s behind them.

Supplies used:

  1. Construction paper

  2. Laminator (small, personal)

  3. Laminating sheets

  4. White paper

  5. Markers

  6. Velcro dots

Another wonderful addition to laminating a schedule is that you’re able to use a dry erase marker on them; erase later. Sometimes when I didn’t have an icon I needed, I wrote it in.

Another option is a simple dry erase board - just erase as you go and re-create each day!

I have made these for field trips, for day trips, family vacations and summer vacations. They have been a very welcomed staple in our routine.


Ocean Play

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Dyed Rice

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